Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Training for Life

White Mountains in NH
Over a decade ago the decision was made to focus attention on intentionally getting outdoors and challenging myself to become more active.  Raised on a farm in southeastern Minnesota, crops, creeks, and woodlands were a part of my beginnings. Yet over the years other aspects of life took precedence. I wanted to revive the exploration of nature.  As with most resolutions I knew to begin with an obtainable goal. Paying the registration fee for a 5k event cemented my commitment. Completing this challenge gave both a sense of accomplishment and a reason to take a break. Training became event centered.

Winter on Foot
While accomplishing specific goals the fits and starts of event centered training did not provide sustained satisfaction. Conversations with friends often included the discussion about the next scheduled event. Training became compartmentalized. Over time this disjointed feeling changed. I began to consider training as life-centered. When asked, "What event are you training for?" My response became, "Life."

Change is a consistent aspect of life. Even when not recognized change is ever-present. I believe examining and developing life choices is a significant facet of human development. With almost four decades of pastoral care experience along with recent realities provide by COVID-19, my interest in providing innovative, person-centered, and creative spiritual training for life has been rekindled. Faith and faith development is not a weekly, monthly, or seasonal event in which we participate. It is integral to life itself. Training for life is a daily process which enhances spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Winter on Bike
I serve 2 congregations: Congregational-Lutheran United Church in Gardner ND and Hillsboro United Parish in Hillsboro ND. I have assisted numerous couples examine their relationship throughout the continuum of commitment. I have enjoyed discussing sacred stories and their multiple meanings with generations around a table. Conversing with individuals while biking gravel roads or hiking miles of trail provides a real time dimension to spiritual growth. This is training for life.

If I can assist in the enhancement of your life training, examining spiritual integration into daily living, contact me. You can post a comment on this site. With the technologies available contact and conversation can occur in the comfort of your setting.

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  1. Thank you Timothy, you always have something to say that opens my eyes and slows me down. The devil loves distraction.. miss ya brother , thank you for all you do even if I don't always say it.