Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Rolling in It!

The morning was unusually hot and humid for a 12 mile hike with a friend and her canine. The Sheyenne National Grasslands which holds 31 miles of the North Country National Scenic Trail was our path. Barely a half mile into the hike, Luna (a 3 year old mixed breed) discovered and rolled with great pleasure in fresh bovine excrement. Her golden beige coat was splotchy with greenish brown color. She continued her unbounded joy of exploration while her owner expressed disgust verbally and non-verbally. To which I eventually replied, "That is what dogs do."

Never having intentionally rolled in manure, but certainly stepping in it, splattering it up my back from a bike tire, and occasionally picking it up to throw it at an older brother I know it is what humans do, as well. Not only do we roll in it to express ourselves to others, but we contain and exude some rank and odoriferous qualities. That is what humans do. No, not all of the time. Yet we choose to express ourselves in some base ways. And those around us pronounce their disgust in sundry ways

After completing the trail trek, the water pump at the campground not only provided hydration, but the beginning of washing away dried streaks of cow dung from Luna. She could now get in her owner's vehicle with less residue and less odor.

Even when we choose to cover ourselves in or emit our own pent up manure, it can get washed away. The stains may remain, fading with time and more washing, but we can get clean. I believe the One who created us loves us even with the residual indications of our actions. We are not abandoned or treated with disdain because of our nature. We are expunged and freed to continue the journey of life. 

This picture was shared by Luna's owner with the caption, "And this is Luna hiding in the backyard when I tried to clean her with the hose." Luna's expression says more than I can. Even when we hide, realizing what needs to occur in order to get refreshed and renewed, we are loved and accepted. 

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