Saturday, May 28, 2022

Facets of the Forest

Paris traffic
I am intrigued by drones, The ability to display an expansive perspective captures my attention. Add to this my fear of heights and drones become tools which do not increase my heart rate.The current mini-drones at their reasonable price could move me from intrigue to ownership.

The adage, "you cannot see the forest for the trees" carries great wisdom. Sometimes going down the rabbit hole of details distracts from envisioning a broader perspective. Setting a course and plotting directions for the future are difficult without a bird's eye view. Or as the late educator and author, Stephen R Covey, warned, "Do not get caught in the thick of thin things."

All of this is intriguing and valid. I have been asking myself for some time if I am where I

Looking at the trail
want to be. Has my career, have the decades of my life, have my interests directed my initial strategy to the desired destination? Have I been making significant and at times rapid progress, but discovered I am not where I wanted to go?

Gravel road bed
Surprising to me (or maybe not), I have become enchanted with that which is smaller. The blossoms on flowers, the structure of the shell on bugs, the cracks in the road bed, and the flow of rivulets of water capture my attention. Not only is there beauty, but there is a complexity and an awesomeness in the details of these oft overlooked aspects of life. Yet my interest should not surprise me as I have cherished hearing about the lives of people. Getting beyond the broad generalities of occupation, place of birth, and current residence are the pivotal differentiations of joy, surprise, struggle, and death which hold profound meaning. There are deep and complex definitions within the daily experiences of people that are often overlooked for speed and convenience. In so doing, I believe stereotypes and diagnoses are reinforced in ways that are not beneficial. 

In the recent spate of death and destruction attributed to violence using firearms, some are eager to look at the bigger picture. The vast concepts of mental health, gun control, law enforcement, and armed guards get tossed about as solutions to our country's epidemic. While finding a solution is admirable it is not so easy. Every victim, every perpetrator, every family member, and every community should not and cannot be 
neglected for the bigger picture. Big picture perspectives are quick, clean, and painless. However, each individual is unique. Each individual has deep and weeping wounds. Healing comes at a variety of paces. In many instances focusing on the bigger picture perpetuates the seething and turmoil which seem to be a common factor in these all too frequent acts of violence. The trees cannot be neglected nor categorized in order to make general, sweeping statements about the forest. 

I will continue to be fascinated by drones. Yet at this time, I want to give my attention to the smaller and equally beautiful aspects of what is at eye level. Those people and situations which make up the beauty, complexity, and diversity of life are easy to neglect from thousands of feet above. Also, without the need to understand and place into practice new technology my heart rate and blood pressure will remain stable, I do not need the added frustration of learning to use a drone. There are plenty of facets of life which will keep me enraptured for years to come. 
Forest diversity at eye level

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Much More Than a Name

Trinity Lutheran Seminary
Columbus OH
I was in a non-traditional situation. Most students spent their third of four years at an internship site. Due to personal decisions, employment, and summer classes my final year of seminary education was my internship year. To my benefit these unique circumstances provided me with an exceptional supervisor. My year exploring the daily practice of pastoral ministry was mentored by Rev. Vernon D. Bigalk. Individuals whom positively impacted my adult life and vocational options can be counted on one hand. Vern and his spouse (Karen) inhabit a significant portion of that space. Vern's hospitality and willingness to listen instantaneously etched my initial impressions of our year together. 

Shortly after arriving in Richmond IN, I was invited to the Bigalk residence to meet the family and share a meal. It was verbally stated and non-verbally conveyed that I was not only welcomed, but expected to be a part of their home and family. It was not a restrictive demand. Instead it was a gracious invitation. During my first week settling into the eastern Indiana city, Karen arranged a date with their recent house guest. Brenda, beginning an internship at a Holistic Health Retreat Center near Earlham College, needed a room for the weekend. Brenda's supervisor knew the Bigalk family well. Open doors and open arms were a Bigalk hallmark. One date led me on an unknown path. Karen's desire to have Brenda enjoy a night out of the house developed into a marriage relationship which continues today. 

Vern's ability and desire to listen was well known in the area. He provided pastoral care to anyone, at 

Rev. Bigalk
anyplace, at anytime. While being a tremendous asset, it also demanded great energy emotionally and spiritually.  Vern's body and spirit were strained under this burden of pastoral care. After time away from congregational leadership, along with the support and care of his family, Vern returned to pastoral ministry. These wounds were deep, but not debilitating. His skills for listening and understanding were enhanced by his lived reality. His broad smile and deep laugh were more readily displayed than in previous years. 

Over the decades our relationship deepened, as well. Sharing brokenness and grace, strength and turmoil, good laughter and copious tears, and an overall grace-filled outlook on life became foundational. Vern and Karen marvelously handled the request of Brenda and I to provide a renewal of vows marking our 10th Anniversary of marriage. Seeing that they started our relationship we wanted their boost to continue the complex, challenging, and satisfying relationship of marriage. 

One thing I did not understand initially was Vern's decision to no longer be an active pastor. His gifts and skills in pastoral care and preaching were shared on a part-time or as needed basis even though he was "officially"

Signature smile
retired. This abrupt decision baffled me. A person with so much insight, grace, hospitality, and humility said, "No more." During the past months I have come to not only gain more understanding, but more appreciation for his decision. There is a time to "lay down the mantle", to allow others to lead as they see fit. What was important and significant in the past does not necessarily apply to the present. It is also an act of grace and respect to allow others to respond with their gifts and skills to address the current setting. Vern had a keen sense of his value and his gifts, but he knew it was appropriate to step aside and embrace a calmer, grace-filled life.

I had a small part in the Prayer Service following his visitation. It was enough. The connection with his children and their families, the renewal of relationships, no matter how brief was deeply important.    

Vern and Karen
Vernon D. Bigalk. It is a name easy to mispronounce. However for myself, is is much more than a name!