Sunday, June 18, 2023

Without A License

The person did not have a license! The person had no data indicating that training or lessons were a part of their past. It takes a lot of courage and/or lunacy to attempt such an activity with no relevant background. At least the person had a name: Orville Wright. I doubt if Orville Wright understood the impact of his actions, but they have been massive. 

As a young farm boy, I would often gaze skyward to see the white contrail of a jet or hear the distant hum of a propeller plane. The few times my family attended a Minnesota Twins game (always a double header because of the value) I watched airplanes take off and land from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The bleachers of Metropolitan Stadium (the cheap seats) were a fine location to satisfy my lust for viewing the airport. Needless to say, the airplanes captured my interest more than the game of baseball.  In the fervor of my obsession, I mailed a letter to the United States Air Force asking for photographs of their jets. To my surprise, I received a large, manila envelope filled with over a dozen glossy photographs of aircraft. It was my massive treasure. I developed a weekly rotation of the pictures on the bedroom wall. Orville Wright, 

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even though long dead, gave me a world of visions and dreams due to his willingness to fly without a license!

My dreams and desires never materialized due to my need for corrective lenses. Decades ago the sight requirements were more rigid than today. I also learned that heights, spinning, and hanging in the air messed with my balance, perception, and bodily functions. Too many amusement park rides, along with a couple of turbulent flights in small aircraft created physical conditions which demonstrated my deficiencies for flight. However, I still enjoy not only watching aircraft, but traveling by air imparts a pleasant mystique. 

An author I enjoy 
After decades of staying in my lane of vocational licensure, the dream of journeying into untried competencies has returned. I want to express myself, be creative, and take risks in the arena of writing. It has been a dormant avocation. My small, but significant collection of instructional writing resources, along with the joy of using fine writing instruments has catapulted me into a space which is not frightening. I am setting aside the routine for the thrill of discovery. Whether anything gets officially published does not matter. I want to pursue that which has been in my being for years. I want expression to take flight. I want to enjoy the surprise of taking off. Thank you, Orville Wright!

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