Sunday, January 1, 2023


Ancient in Rome
I am beginning another trip around the sun. For all of the orbits I have previously made nothing looks familiar. It is either that I was not paying attention the other times or every annual journey is unique. One of my daughters told me that I will soon carry the moniker of "ancient." Someone nearing ancient status should have life figured out and be going through thoughtless motions. In other words, I should be coasting while enjoying the good life!

Winter night near a river
I am enjoying life! However, I choose not to mindlessly go through the motions of living. Also, I have no desire to
make resolutions in the vain attempt to move closer to perfection. Each day will be embraced for its own beauty and uniqueness. Maybe that is the reason for this orbit not making me think, "I have been here before." I am open to discoveries and surprises as I move ever closer to "ancient."

A person I follow on Instagram, shared the following poem/writing by Donna Ashworth. I encourage you to read and ponder other poems available on her website. This writing struck me as fitting as I set out to circumnavigate the sun once again.  ENJOY & EMBRACE 2023!   

Why do we start a new year, with promises to improve? Who began this tradition of never-ending pressure? I say, the end of the year, should be filled with congratulations, for we all survived. And I say a new year should start with promises to be kinder to ourselves, to understand better just how much we bear, as humans on this exhausting treadmill of life. And if we are to promise more, let's pledge to rest, before our bodies force us. Let's pledge to stop, drink in life as it happens. Let's pledge to strip away a layer of perfection to reveal the flawed and wondrous humanity we truly are inside. Why start another year, gifted to us on this earth with demands on our already over-strained humanity? When we could be learning to accept, that we were always supposed to be imperfect. And that is where the beauty lies, actually. And if we can only find that beauty, we would also find peace. I wish you peace in 2023. Everything else is all just a part of it. Let it be so.           



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