Saturday, November 19, 2022

Longevity Is More Than Years

Post ride with Bradley Rose at
Peloton studio in London
It will soon be two years since I was gifted with a device that I have used at least weekly since it was delivered. Not only did I receive a Peloton bike, but access to a vast array of workout categories and instructors which have become a part of my life. Yes, I prefer to be outdoors. With the Peloton app, I can participate in workouts on demand while outside. While the basement bike does not offer much for scenery, the metrics which the instructors suggest generate more diversity in speed and resistance than I can achieve on the flat, gravel roads of my area. 

One of Peloton's instructors, Adrian Williams (based in New York City) often uses the phrase, "Mobility is key to longevity." He is promoting running, strength training, cardio, and stretching. He does not instruct 

Part of the basement gym
any cycling classes. However, I like his style of motivation for strength training, cardio, and life lessons. I have found great benefit from exploring "functional fitness" instead of one specific dimension of exercise.

Other words come to mind when I think about mobility. Such words as creativity, flexibility, adaptability, and affability expand mobility. If they promote mobility, I believe they also enhance longevity. There is more to our lives than the physical attributes of maintaining a strong cardiovascular system. The realities of relationships, perspectives, exploration, and aptitude provide holistic functioning. Now more than ever, I sense we want to compartmentalize. Common phrases used for this are: echo chamber, silos, tribalism, and thought bubbles.  Multiple streams of media and our ability to not only choose, but isolate our sources of influence fosters this segregation and in my opinion, degeneration of community. 

Recently a member of the Hillsboro United Parish asked me to watch something on YouTube. The link was to, "Angel Band - Director's Cut." It was a representation of Tyler Childers' recent song of the same name. This was the Jubilee Edition. The video, lyrics, and my research of his life broadened my outlook in many

Rows of free books
ways. Another acquaintance suggested I read, "Liberating the Gospels" by John Shelby Spong. The author makes a case for Christians misreading the Gospels for centuries due to willingly ignoring the Jewish content and context. I have ordered the book. I look forward to our discussions about the ideas presented!  A fellow endurance athlete enjoys a much different political view than myself. When we workout together more than my body gets exercised! For me these are examples (some of which totally unexpected) of flexibility, adaptability, and functional fitness to enhance the breadth and depth of my days.

I believe it is time to intentionally work ourselves (mind, body, spirit) into places that are uncomfortable. It is when we push ourselves a little further, when we realize some pain that growth occurs. This is not pain for the sake of pain. It is for the expansion of our mobility on multiple levels which will broaden and enhance each day. However, I want people to make their own choices. Dictating one way, one idea, one perspective as the proper or right one causes contraction not expansion. Calcification is not conducive to pliancy.

Moving forward!

I plan to keep my Peloton streak intact while enjoying more expansion and insight into life!


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