Saturday, April 30, 2022


It was the logo on our vehicles.
It was always a Ford. The early 1950s pickup and the 1960 station wagon carried that name plate. Subsequent vehicles though different in style and model displayed the same four letter name. Unwritten and never proclaimed, yet it was clear that Ford vehicles were the Greatest Of All Time.

The drive to be the GOAT not only remains strong, but it has taken on a 

E-Bikes with Harley-Davidson status
chest-thumping and social media bombardment which is relentless. Every aspect of life from the Keto lifestyle to NHL playoff teams are promoted with an evangelical fervor. Once reserved for religious revival meetings, evangelism has spread like the smell of cigarette smoke from the slightly open window of the vehicle passing on the street. This evangelism is not subtle. It is in-your-face, antagonistic tribalism which thrives on strong division. Just as some Christians tout being "born again" as a sign of a genuine believer, equal zeal is woven into providing greatness by blindly following the trite remarks of socially savvy and socially manipulative entities. Our society may use the language of diversity and acceptance, but its actions indicate a moral absolutism. We have dug an ever eroding chasm separating right and left, good and evil, traditionalists and wokes. The Greatest Of All Time has less to do with character and more to do with self-aggrandizement and monetary gain. 

The reason my father stayed with one brand of vehicle was based on two factors. First, but less important was the familiarity with parts and repairs. Interchangeability was an asset when parts either were not readily accessible or needed to be crafted on the farm. The primary reason was the relationship he had established with the owner of the dealership.  It was more than a business or transactional exchange. It had nothing to do with political affiliations or religious beliefs. It was based on mutual respect and a sense of community. There was no need to get ahead at the expense of someone else. The interdependence necessary for people to sense a meaningful life was more important than self-promotion. 

Who was the Gladiator
Estimates predict over a half million people descended upon the extravaganza surrounding the NFL Draft which concluded April 30th in Las Vegas. Getting in on the ground floor, posting a selfie on social media indicating your presence as your beloved franchise chose the next NFL GOAT may be your current claim of significance. Now the NFL and Las Vegas want to make this a permanent, annual venue. All the hype, all the promotion, all the excess because football is the greatest sport and Las Vegas is greatest destination of all time, right?  Those who disagree will vigorously take exception with blatant examples of their own. It is important to be the GOAT, no matter what it takes!

Enjoying the journey
In my current existence I lean more toward gratitude than greatness. The ability to maintain, as well as foster new 
relationships is a priority. I look forward to the time when I do not require a motorized vehicle. Loyalty to name plates, institutions, doctrines, and geography are not as important as personal expansion and understanding. I have no desire to gloat or GOAT. My goal is to find satisfaction in daily experiences.

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