Saturday, June 12, 2021

Can You Pull It Off?

About a decade ago a local, word-of-mouth gravel road, bike event debuted as the Woodchipper 100. The

Ryan on the 200 mile route.
original organizers experienced life events which jeopardized the continuation of the event. Thus I became the coordinator. As an advocate of gravel roads, along with the community formed by like minded riders new events emerged. Staying with the "wood" theme, a late spring 200 mile distance was birthed in 2015. The Woodticker 200 had the tagline, "Can you pull it off?"

Numerous aspects of my life fall under the umbrella of that tagline question. In my childhood I would find and eat chocolate chips hidden by my mother. Would she notice some were missing? Consuming alcohol and driving occurred more than once. Could I make it to my destination safely? Classes in college and seminary which were less than stimulating were regularly skipped. Could I pass the course? You get the idea. Parenting, leading co-workers, navigating new perspectives, facing personal challenges, and deciding what the years to come (including retirement) may look like continue to enlarge the tagline, "Can you pull it off?"

At various times, beginning at 5:05am on Saturday, June 5th, twenty-seven participants set out to "pull off" their chosen distances at what is now called: END-TICK (Extreme North Dakota - Terrifically Intense Country Klassic). As an event coordinator for ENDracing, I brought the Woodchipper and Woodticker into the ENDracing stable of events. What follows are a variety of photos from the most recent event, as well as previous renderings.                                                                   

All alone 

Getting ready to ride

Sign made by Weisgram Metal Fabricating
West Fargo ND

2017 Edition

Finally, the "Can you pull it off?" question continues. At this season of life I am examining my vocation, what commitment and care-giving to my partner may involve due to health conditions, my willingness to be involved in multiple interests, where to live, and how to live. There does not appear to be a finish line. Speed of completion holds little significance. These examinations are initiated at unexpected times and in various settings. A major reason for my enjoyment of gravel road biking is the wide open arena for processing life. What is over that hill? What can I see around the next curve? Should I turn around or go another mile? What is my hurry? 

Not All the Same

It began as a tagline. Now it has become a pervasive question in the journey of life. I invite you to consider, "Can you pull it off?"

The following photos are from an anonymous rider.  I provide them not only for their beauty, but to assist in your consideration of the question posed above.

A New Day!

The beauty of the world!

Open spaces and miles to go.

What is the hurry?

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